We persue leadership in the development of low-cost IoT devices, providing true intelligence to our "things", by unifying IoT, AI, Big Data and Blockchain.


We design and develop complete solutions, covering each of the IoT stack layers. We have the capabilities and the necessary tools to provide a rapid design and development service


We work with the 4 main exponential technologies: artificial intelligence, internet of things, big data and blockchain, making them converge into a single technology


We have a prototype development team, agile and efficient, that brings to reality all the ideas


IoT is not about autonomous sensors or extremely complex software, it is about the integration between hardware and software, from the most tangible part of the product, such as electronics, to the most intangible such as the ability to make decisions. This is our job, the integration

Custom Design

We not only carry out our own projects, we also develop and transform the ideas of our clients into real products and services

Our Things

These are some of our smart things

  • W3Schools
  • W3Schools

The Team

We are the ones to solve the problem.

Diego Gutierrez

CTO & Co-Founder

Omar Chaig

CFO & Founder

Fabio Grigorjev

CEO & Founder

Mariano Dominguez

VP of Engineering & Co-Founder

Martín Gonella

Lead Engineer & Co-Founder


We are working with first smart cities in Argentina.

We're coordinating with different municipalities in Argentina, the deployment of our smart solutions

The academic part is a fundamental pillar in any company, that's why we work together with the Digital Communications Lab from the National University of Córdoba

We successfully deploy a large number of smart gas meters for different clients such as Special Gas and YPF Gas

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